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Dr. K P White (M.D., Ph.D.) - Real Ghostwriters' Chief Editor

» B.A., Chemistry and English Literature, 1980
» M.D., University of California, 1985
» Specialty training, Stanford University, 1986-88
» Ph.D., Epidemiology, University of Western Ontario, 1998
» Highest Rated elite editor at EditAvenue, Boston, MA, USA
» Scientific Editor with Stallard Scientific Editing, Christchurch, New Zealand
» Over 30 years editing and writing experience
» Eight published books (2 non-fiction, 6 fiction)
» Winner of NINE international book awards
» Over 100 personal publications
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Dr. K P White (MD, PhD)

Do you want an editor who puts his heart and soul into EVERY editing job, who combines unparalleled education and experience with a deep desire to satisfy ALL your editing needs and wants? Read below what all my customers are saying about my work.

I have more than TWENTY YEARS EDITING EXPERIENCE, 100 publications of my own, TWO DOCTORAL DEGREES (Medicine and Epidemiology) and under-graduate degrees in Chemistry and English literature. I edit resumes, books of all kinds, Masters and Doctoral theses, scientific manuscripts, research grants, school applications, textbooks, poetry, song lyrics... I also communicate regularly with clients to tailor my work to meet their specific needs.

I have been writing and editing professionally for over twenty years. My own publications include poetry, prose, medical and scientific research manuscripts and abstracts, literature reviews, book reviews and medical textbooks. I was recognized as the TOP graduating doctoral student at a University of 30,000 students because of my doctoral thesis. I also have written and copyrighted over 400 songs, with lyrics, and have published compact discs of original music.


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Not all editors are created equal.   As an author and director of a book publishing company, I've come to realize the importance of working with a premier editor, who is willing to go above and beyond the required work, and to treat each and every project as if it were his very own.   I've spent 4 years hiring various editors on popular editing websites - some established, many with outstanding credentials but realized to my dismay that these editors simply "skim" the paper, producing work that is superficial and average at best.  

After submitting and receiving my first editing project from Dr. White, I was instantly sold. 

I've consistently received corrections where Dr. White took the obvious time to perform outside research, correct and update factual errors, and to provide constructive criticism that enhanced the overall quality of the written project.   Revisions are more importantly accompanied by a sea of red corrections, clearly showing that he took the time necessary to read, analyze and to think about every sentence and paragraph, and to carefully weave it so as to produce a clear-flowing, coherent written product.    

While many online editors patched up small grammatical mistakes and ran off with the money, Dr. White worked hard to produce a glowing written manuscript that I was really proud of.   His finished work is a shining testament to the time, care and professionalism he undertakes, in order to perform a rare service that is virtually unheard of in the online editing world.   Ever since the first editing project, our relationship has been a long and fruitful one.    

Dr. White is an exceptional, versatile and superior editor, who I would highly recommend to anyone interested in having their written work professionally proofread and edited.

John Kim 

John Kim is an author, teaching consultant, and much sought-after test preparation provider.  He is currently the Director of AcuExams, Inc, CSET lead instructor, a secondary school teacher, and the author of AcuExams:  Preparing for the CSET (Science) Multiple Subject.  He has lectured in CSET test preparation for hundreds of hours, organized test preparation meetings, and has created and published a series of exams and dynamic-readiness strategies for students preparing for the new CSET multiple subject exams.


Food Choices (3/6/2006)
Thank you so much for your thorough review.
 • 2-Day Job • 25 Pages • $173.75

Untitled Job (2/28/2006)
I'm very pleased with your editing work. Thanks a lot!
 • 3-Day Job • 11 Pages • $65.45

VA (2/27/2006)
thanks keven, your advices are very valuable, i strongly recomonds him, super
 • 2-Day Job • 3 Pages • $20.85

Untitled Job (2/27/2006)
Excellent job  • 2-Day Job • 3 Pages • $20.85

etdrs chart (2/26/2006)
thanks keven, you are super  • Next-Day Job • 3 Pages • $26.85

PTSD paper (2/26/2006)
Very helpful. Thank you so much.  • 2-Day Job • 9 Pages • $62.55

behcet (2/24/2006)
nothink to say, excellent
 • 2-Day Job • 4 Pages • $27.80

Research (2/22/2006)
Great job. Many thanks!!
 • 2-Day Job • 2 Pages • $13.90

Abstract (2/22/2006)
Thank you so much.
 • 2-Day Job • 2 Pages • $13.90

reflection paper (2/20/2006)
he has changed my whole paper up side down and made it look excelent. great efforts. million thanks.
 • 2-Day Job • 2 Pages • $13.90

Literary Analysis (2/18/2006)
Dr. KPWhite... YOU ARE THE BEST!! =) I couldn't be more happy with your editing job, it is amazing, thank you very much. Now more than an editor you are a friend, definetely I will come back to you... again, again and again... =)
 • Next-Day Job • 5 Pages • $44.75

method (2/16/2006)
i strongly recomend kevn, hi is unpleavable, very cooperative editor, thanks keven
 • 2-Day Job • 6 Pages • $41.70

HSA (2/14/2006)
Excellent work again. Thanks to Dr. White!
 • 2-Day Job • 7 Pages • $48.65

Belal (2/14/2006)
Excellent job. Thank you Dr. Keven
 • 2-Day Job • 3 Pages • $20.85

LETTER2 (2/13/2006)
He is the best!
 • Next-Day Job • 1 Page • $8.95

Tabloid (2/13/2006)
5 Thanks for the work - you did a good job and I appreciated both versions so I can see what you changes. Thanks Dr. B
 • 2-Day Job • 7 Pages • $45.87

Personal Statement (2/8/2006)
You did a great job on my personal statement.
 • Next-Day Job • 1 Page • $8.95

LEAchart (2/7/2006)
thanks keven, as usual, perfect
 • 2-Day Job • 4 Pages • $27.80

infection hunter (2/7/2006)
Excellent revision! You are the one!
 • 2-Day Job • 1 Page • $6.95

Family Medicine (2/6/2006)
Great job.
 • 2-Day Job • 2 Pages • $13.90

behcet's disease (2/6/2006)
5 plus!, excellent work, thoughtful and thorough editing and very helpful comments. Strongly recommended. His being a medical doctor is fairly important for accurate comments and comprehensive editing. Thanks a lot.
 • Next-Day Job • 7 Pages • $62.65

Image (2/3/2006)
Thank you very much for careful review and comment.
 • 3-Day Job • 12 Pages • $71.40

PS_UM (2/2/2006)
Thank you so much for you thoughtful editing. I'm very satisfied and looking forward to working with you in the future.
 • 2-Day Job • 3 Pages • $19.46

Cover letter for resume (2/2/2006)
very impressive
 • Next-Day Job • 2 Pages • $17.90

VISA (2/1/2006)
thorough editing, quick respond! professional ediging job done! Thank you for your fast and accurate edting-and also your kindness. I highly recommend him.
 • Next-Day Job • 2 Pages • $17.90

CHK (1/31/2006)
Thanks! I've received good news with his help! He's the best of the best, & he knows exactly how to make it work.
 • 2-Day Job • 4 Pages • $27.80

Statement of Purpose (1/28/2006)
Great editing!!! Thank you ^^
 • Next-Day Job • 6 Pages • $53.70

SOP for Social Work (1/27/2006)
Thank you for your fast and accurate edting. I'll look forward to next edting.^^*
 • Next-Day Job • 5 Pages • $44.75

JohnsonLu (1/22/2006)
Excellent and Prefessional, Thanks!
 • 2-Day Job • 6 Pages • $41.70

Untitled Job (1/21/2006)
Thank you!!
 • Next-Day Job • 3 Pages • $26.85

Statement of Interest (1/21/2006)
he did a perfect job!
 • Next-Day Job • 1 Page • $8.95

eight (1/18/2006)
without any concern select Dr.White, highly recommended
 • Next-Day Job • 4 Pages • $35.80

SFC (1/12/2006)
 • Next-Day Job • 1 Page • $8.95

U (1/9/2006)
Highly recommended.
 • Next-Day Job • 2 Pages • $17.90

Statement (1/9/2006)
Thanks very much !
 • 2-Day Job • 3 Pages • $20.85

N (1/9/2006)
Good job!
 • Next-Day Job • 3 Pages • $26.85

cv for Int'l organizati (1/5/2006)
thanks a lot for your great job and comments
 • 2-Day Job • 2 Pages • $13.90

Ahn, Sung Yeon (1/4/2006)
I'm impressed by your editings and kind expressions.
 • 2-Day Job • 2 Pages • $13.90

Rush Admin Essay (1/2/2006)
Dr. KPWhite was very helpful. He also reassured me that I was on the right track for my essay. I appreciate your help.
 • Next-Day Job • 2 Pages • $17.90

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