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» Fast, reliable editing, ghostwriting, and research consulting services for the career professional.
      All academic fields, including medicine, science, arts, history
      Books, Textbooks, Research Papers, Abstracts, Grants, Resumes
      PowerPoint Presentations and Notes
      Questionnaire and Database Development and Testing
      Research study design and management assistance
      Survey development and management assistance (specializing in Delphi surveys)
      Data editing and analysis
» Chief Editor: Former University Professor and published author: Kevin P. White, M.D., Ph.D.
» 24-hour check-in.
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» Returned as early as within one business day.
» Rates as low as $11.95 per page.
» On-line submission and billing.
» Follow your submission's progress.



"Dr White's work is exemplary, thorough, and efficiently done.  He is responsive to my needs as a Principal Investigator, and is able to deliver analyses and write-ups in a timely and comprehensive fashion.  Moreover his vast knowledge of study design, methodology, and biostatistics is clear at every opportunity.  He was a pleasure to work with."

Dr. Brian Rotenberg
Associate Professor, Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario Canada

Not all editors are created equal.   As an author and director of a book publishing company, I've come to realize the importance of working with a premier editor, who is willing to go above and beyond the required work, and to treat each and every project as if it were his very own.   Ive spent 4 years hiring various editors on popular editing websites - some established, many with outstanding credentials but realized to my dismay that these editors simply 'skim' the paper, producing work that is superficial and average at best.  

After submitting and receiving my first editing project from Dr. White, I was instantly sold.

John Kim
Publisher; author of California State Nursing Examination guidebooks


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